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GBC is Cameroon focused gold,diamonds, and other related commodities trading company headquartered in Bonanjo,Douala.

Our mining field is located at the Batouri gold district in The East region of the country.The batouri gold district is located between the adamawa-Yde domain of the pan african fold belt in Cameroon.The batouri gold deposit is epigenetic gold set empleced in orogenic setting,during the post-collisional stage of the central african fold belt and congo Craton.

We have a yearly production of 50-100kg of gold and 1000 – 100000carats diamonds from our mines. Our company GBC works in collaboration with other local miners in the region as well as partners in nearby african countries,this gives us a boost of supply capability of minimum 100-200kg gold and 5000 -10000 carats diamonds for monthly supply.

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We work directly with the chiefs and it people of the region in providing economic,health and infrastructural developments.we behave ethically and respect each other and the customs,cultures and laws where ever we operate.We serve as catalyst for local economic development through transparent and respectful stakeholder engagement,and as responsible stewards of the environment.

We operate in all the various domains of trading gold and diamonds following all the legislation as a licensed company,mindful of the mines and minerals act chapter 21:o5 of the Cameroon 2007 mining law.

We do engage in other environmental damage programs so as to give a better health and food sustainability to the communities that we carry out the mining activities.We always make sure the workers of our mines and the indigenes of the regions gets adequate health facilities,we also open health centers for some locals that have difficult accessibility to hospitals.

We do aforestation to the already mined sections so as to comply with the climate change sustainability too.

Our goal is to create a corporation that stands for the growth and sustainability in the gold and diamond trade business. GBC was established in 2011,with our experience in this trade.

We create an inclusive environment where employees have opportunity to contribute ,develop and work together to deliver our strategy.

We always deliver on our commitments ,demonstrate leadership and have the courage to speak up and challenge the status quo at every instant necessary.


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