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Gold Bullion Corporate

GBC is Cameroon focused gold,diamonds, and other related commodities trading company headquartered in Bonanjo,Douala.

Our mining field is located at the Batouri gold district in The East region of the country.The batouri gold district is located between the adamawa-Yde domain of the pan african fold belt in Cameroon.The batouri gold deposit is epigenetic gold set empleced in orogenic setting,during the post-collisional stage of the central african fold belt and congo Craton.

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JSC UNITED INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION in association with Gold Bullion Corporate have great precious stone for sale.

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Gold is number one precious mineral that its of very high value and at Gold Bullion Corporate we have just what you need.

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Gold Bullion Corporate in Affiliation with JSC UNITED INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION have top quality minerals from the best miners.

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Gold Bullion Corporate

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In line with the Gold Bullion Corporate strategy, in 2009 and 2010 Gold Bullion Corporate invested roughly 18 million USD to develop a coal mine in the Kemerovo region in Russia, acquiring exclusive international sales rights for the two million tons of coal the mine produces annually.

In 2010, Gold Bullion Corporate acquired 100% of Korchakol, a low volatile Gold, Mineral and coal (PCI and thermal coal) mine located in Cameroon, near the city of Garoua. It was the first time in history a Western company acquired a steam mine in Russia.

The purchase included the production site as well as a transportation system to carry the raw material from the mine to nearby clients and a loading facility. From here, a mining railway system carries the Gold and minerals to the port of Murmansk, in Northern Russia (Barents Sea).

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gold bullion corporate executive chairman

Ebai Mendiohn

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Sam Schwartz

Goldbullioncorporate (GBC) executive memeber

Ronnie Patton


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Bonanjo, Douala Cameroon .
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Gold Bullion Corporate specializes in a wide variety of gold bullion products. Our large inventory caters to both the bullion investor as well as the collector. We offer gold bullion bars and  and carry large quantities of Cameroon Gold Bullion Bars. Feel free to use our site for all your indications of the spot gold price. Our quotes come directly from the commodities exchange and are updated in real-time.


Gold bullion bars are normally the most minimal gold buying price as choice when putting resources into physical gold bullion. The most well known gold bar sizes are the 1 oz gold bar, 10 oz gold bar, and 1 kilo gold bar but GBC has best gold bars of minimum size 1 kg. Gold bullion bars can be printed from government gold mints or private gold mints, for example, the exceptionally perceived Sunshine Minting Inc. Buying gold bars and nuggets is a famous venture for both new and experienced physical precious metal investor and long haul gold bullion savers.

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  • Gold Bullion Coins
  • Gold Bars
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Gold Dust

Most gold investors purchase gold bullion bars instead of coins when they are looking to acquire the most gold ounces for their capital. Gold bars typically do not carry any collectible value and their purchase price is heavily dependent on the producer, purity, and overall weight of the gold bar.