Sell and Buy Gold – Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are selling or buying gold ,diamond or red mercury for the first time, or you’ve had experience trading gold in the past, you still may have a few questions.

These are the most frequently asked questions people have when buying gold ,diamonds or red mercury. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services if you have any more questions.


Is it easy to buy gold ,diamond or red mercury and how do I order?

Gold Bullion Corporate Company makes buying and selling gold in Cameroon and diaspora as hassle free as possible. We have streamlined the process of buying and selling gold, ensuring you can do it with the absolute minimum fuss and hassle. When it comes to investing in gold in Africa you can count on Gold Bullion Corporate for genuine investment. Is gold a good investment?

Through consistent communication and world-class customer service, we provide a resounding assurance that your investment is safe and secure

You can place your order by:

– Purchasing online on our website

– Call our office on +237682285752 / +237682286288

– Email us at contact@goldbullioncorporate.com

Whatever way you choose to place your order our team will always be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have!


Who can buy gold ,diamond or red mercury?

Anyone can buy and sell gold ,diamond or red mercury in cameroon and the world . You can purchase up-to a huge 10 000kg bar monthly.


When I order gold ,diamond or red mercury, how do I pay?

You can buy gold,diamond or red mercury with cash, a cheque,Wire Transfers,bank transfer, With bank Guarantee.


How quickly do I need to pay for my gold ,diamond or red mercury?

Upon ordering goods they must be immediately paid for in full within 72 hours of placing the order before goods are released.


Can Gold Bullion Corporate store my gold ,diamond or red mercury?

Yes. Gold Bullion Corporate are happy to store your gold ,diamond or red mercury in our fully insured vault. This service is free of charge for the first 21 days when you buy gold ,diamond or red mercury from us. Then after which it will be carried and stored in our Ministry Of Mines.

Gold can be accessed within 48 hours of notice and we require two pieces of photo ID.


Will I be charged VAT when I buy gold ,diamond or red mercury in Cameroon?

You’ll be pleased to know that there is no VAT on investment gold ,diamond and red mercury in Cameroon.


Should I have my gold ,diamond or red mercury stored?

Once you have decided whether or not you are going to buy gold ,diamond or red mercury, you will have to consider whether you want to have your gold stored securely. At first thought, most will want to have their gold in their home where they can look after it. If you’re only buying a small amount of gold, then this is fine.

If you are investing in a vast amount of gold, then you should consider having it stored in a secure safe. This may be with the trader you bought it from, or with a bank.


At Gold Bullion Corporate we offer free storage in our highly secure vault for all products brought from us free of charge for the first 21days there after,product is carried to Ministry of mines safekeeping where there is a 0.5% charge based on the market value of your goods.


What are your opening hours and do I need to make an appointment to come in?

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm, we are closed on Sundays.

You would strictly need to make an appointment to come into our office to ensure that we have the products ready for you.

Contact Gold Bullion Corporate for more information on how you can buy gold ,diamond or red mercury in cameroon . You can reach us on +237682285752 / +237682286288

or e-mail at contact@goldbullioncorporate.com


Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately once the order has been processed the order cannot be cancelled.


Who is the Current Ceo of  Gold Bullion Corporate

Ebai Mendiohn is the current Ceo of Gold Bullion Corporate Company for 8yrs (2012-2020)


What is Motto or Vision for Gold Bullion Corporate?

The Motto or Vision of Gold Bullion Corporate is “THE DOORWAY TO YOUR GOLD INVESTMENT


Gold Bullion Corporate are more than happy to supply trade and online references.



Gold Bullion Corporate has a wide range of gold ,diamond,gem stone or red mercury. All of our metals are from Africa and the world’s finest refineries, with only the best quality materials being used. Investing in gold ,diamond or red mercury is a safe and secure investment that can yield incredible returns.

We specialize in gold ,diamond or Red Mercury of different weights and values, giving you the flexibility to invest in the right product for you and your future. If you are looking for a product that is not listed below, please get in touch with us and we will get back to you.