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If you are looking to buy gold from Cameroon and avoid scams, then you are at the right place. We ensure buyers and investors looking to buy or invest in gold bullion in Cameroon can also succeed in purchasing via genuine suppliers.The numerous scams in the Cameroon gold sector has left many investors  wondering if there’s a single legit vendor in the country.Cameroon with all its riches in gold is fast growing and this is the perfect time for investors to invest and buy gold from the country. The mining in the country is mostly done by artisanal miners in small local communities around the mining area.This artisanal miners tend to sell directly to foreign buyers thereby avoiding taxes and this is considered illegal. It is because of this that the gold prices in Cameroon are  low compared to other countries

CEMAC buyer’s permit is necessary for a buyer but fraudsters uses the advantage and scam investors who want to buy from Cameroon.

When buying gold from Cameroon you first of all need to know the best way of achieving that is to buy on a face to face terms.Baring in mind the fact that buyer needs authority document issued from ministry of mines Cameroon which act as permit to give buyer legal right to buy and carry gold out of Cameroon.
Our ministry of mines in Cameroon doesn’t offer any online service which means any buyer who tries to get the permit himself by searching the ministry online will only fall a victim of scam because ministry of mines doesn’t offer online service which means indirectly buyer will obviously get a fake document from a fake ministry online.
For buyer to obtain a permit,it has to be carried out face to face,buyer himself or his representative has to visit Cameroon so that they can book an appointment with the Director incharge at the ministry of mines who handles permit for gold and diamond buyers.
When they meet the director,everything on the processing and issuance will be done following the recent international trade rules in Cameroon.
If buyer can neither come nor send a representative to visit Cameroon,he can still get an authentic permit if he has a seller in Cameroon he trust and they both  have a signed agreement with aim for international trade.
The only thing to be done is that,buyer will need to have a paperwork agreement between him and seller which shows evidence of purpose of trade between them two.
Seller will only have to take the agreement to the ministry of mines to the department incharge of issuing the buyer’s permit.
The seller can now book an appointment with the director incharge,From the meeting between seller and director,buyer shall now get updates via his contact details which are in the agreement.
Literally,in essence seller plays the face to face role on behalf of an absent buyer.
Mosttimes for clients who are serious and ready for business we also assist in getting the permit by carrying on with the process on our buyer’s behalf.
We  have evident references we provide to a new buyer so as to make new clients gain trust in us and feels safe dealing with us.

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