Those looking to sell their gold ,diamond and  Red Mercury . Will be happy to learn that selling gold in Cameroon has never been easier. We will buy all gold bars,Diamonds and  Red Mercury

There are two ways you can sell gold,diamonds and  Red Mercury to Gold Bullion Corporate

1. In Store

All you have to do is pre-arrange an appointment and call into our office. Once we have verified your gold, we will arrange a price and make a payment to you by Cash, cheque or bank transfer to your account.

2. By Post

If you’d like, you can post your gold diamond or  Red Mercury  to us by secure-mail. We’ll verify a price and then get in touch with you to discuss the price. Again, once this is agreed, we’ll make a payment to you by cheque or by bank transfer to your account.

Contact us now to discuss posting your gold to us.


Whether you buy gold ,diamond or  Red Mercury , Gold Bullion Corporate will post your precious metal straight to your door. If you want to buy gold ,diamond or  Red Mercury , then direct delivery makes it easier for you than ever.

Gold Bullion Corporate is committed to taking the hassle out of buying gold ,diamond or  Red Mercury

All orders are sent by registered mail and require a signature upon delivery. This ensures the delivery of your gold ,diamond or  Red Mercury  is completely safe.

You can also take delivery personally from our office by pre-arranged appointment.