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What is the hype to buy gold bars as a safe haven investment?

1. ONLY PHYSICAL GOLD Gold was used as money for 5000 years. It was only in 1971 when Nixon went off the gold standard that the whole world began to transition into the fiat system using paper money that...

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Superior & Knowledgeable Client Service The Gold bullion corporate Gold experts are among the most experienced in the industry. Unlike other gold companies, our experts are paid to make clients  buy and sell gold online most suitable to their...

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Buy Gold From Africa Online – Quick and Easy

You Can Buy Gold From Africa Online Over the past decade, gold exploration in the African continent has greatly increased. Both small and large scale gold mining companies have set foot on the African continent and as a result...

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What should i keep in mind while investing in gold bars

Investors looking to enjoy the touch, feel and security of owning gold may wish to buy gold bars instead of intangible investments such as gold exchange traded funds (ETFs). Physical, investment-grade gold, also referred to as gold bullion, can be...

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